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Machine Head. If that name doesn't ring a bell, then maybe you should think back to the year 1994. They released their first album, Burn My Eyes. It was the top-selling debut album in Roadrunner Records history. This left Machine Head with some big shoes to fill. They had a lot of fans waiting for more of what they heard in the first album, and they had to deliver what the fans wanted. They released The More Things Change and it was just what everyone was waiting for. A sequel that lived up to the desire of fans all over the world. This had people waiting and wondering if the band could do it again.

The band has a very hardcore/metal style of playing that is distinctive, and easy to pick out. You can hear a song and know that it's Machine Head. Diverse and aggresive, the band posseses a low-sounding, hard-riffing guitar. To go with that, solid drumming and a kickin' bass. Rob Flynn leading the way with his strong and powerful vocals, set the tone on the first record. Shouting out dark, dynamic lyrics that keep young teens waiting for more. "Some of the stuff on this album is weirder than anything we've ever done before," says Flynn. "But it's still along the same lines as far as the eerie, dark feeling that it brings with it. As with Burn My Eyes, it's a mixture of everything we collectively listen to, which ranges from hardcore to straight rock to metal to hip-hop, and this is ultimately what sets us apart from everyone else and gives ourmusic a more personal stamp."

Machine Head released another album in 1999. The Burning Red, was yet another one of Machine Head's albums that lived up to everything eager fans wanted and more. The music has changed since their first release, but it is more of a maturing thing than a change. They have grown closer and become more of an army. "We work like a unit now a lot more than we did before we recorded Burn My Eyes and during the touring for that album," Duce stated. "Everything is just a lot more together now and more focused everybody pulling in the same direction."

The success of this band is nothing short of incredible. Generating a unique sound, the band is one of the top metal artists ever. In 1999, they toured with Coal Chamber and Slipknot, both on Roadrunner Records. The line-up intense and with such a chemistry between the groups. It was ensured to see a great show.

Machine Head has torn up the charts with The Burning Red. The band has released 3 solid albums. Can they 4-peat and do it again? We can only hope that they will have another great album, as fans all over wait and see what Machine Head has in store for us.

biography | lyrics | pictures | discography | tour info