Recently BleedingMetal sat down with Fallon Bowman(guitar) and Mercedes Lander(drums) of Kittie to talk about their debut record and life on the road. Here's what they had to say.

BleedingMetal: What got you started off in music, and what musical background do you have?
Mercedes: Pretty much we just started listening to what our parents listened to and stuff like that, so you know, like Van Halen. And its like when I was little -- David Lee Roth in spandex I love him. I just picked up the drums because... I wanted to. I played piano for like 8 years and I didn't get past book two.
Fallon: With me, music has always been involved in my life in one way. It's hard because of comments made by a lot of guys in my school that chicks couldn't do it... so I decided to.

BleedingMetal: How did you all meet and form Kittie?
Mercedes: Umm, Fallon and I actually met at a gymnastics class back in '96, and so I just asked her if she wanted to go over to my house and we started playing together and stuff like that.

BleedingMetal: How did the name Kittie come up?
Mercedes: Really we wanted something... kind of a light sounding name that sounded maybe like a pop band or something like that, but then when you listen to the music it makes you shit your pants. So you know like "Wow I didn't expect that!"

BleedingMetal: What sort of bands/music were you into when growing up?
Mercedes: When I was growing up I listened to a lot of 80's metal like Van Halen and AC/DC, but now I just listen to all sorts of music, a big broad spectrum.
Fallon: I didn't listen to metal at all when I was growing up, I just listed to straight hip hop... and dance.

BleedingMetal: How would you describe your sound in one word?
Mercedes: Heavy!
Fallon: Abrasive, aggressive...thats a hyphenated word, so abrasive-aggressive.

BleedingMetal: What would you say is the greatest thing about being in Kittie?
Mercedes: We have the freedom to do anything we want, we have total creative control over everything. We get to tour the world and get to meet a lot of cool people.

BleedingMetal: I heard that you got kicked off the stage at a school talent show. Can you talk about what happened?
Mercedes: That was our half show, really our second show so we considered that the half show because we only played one song... and pretty much the teacher didn't like what we were playing so they said, "Get off", hence the name Get Off.
Fallon: Of the song.

BleedingMetal: While on tour, what is the wildest thing that you've seen at a show or on the road?
Fallon: Yesterday, Slipknot got everybody to sit down on the floor, during Spit it out, then they stopped and were playing a little breakdown thing until everyone sat down, then Corey was like "Get up!" then everyone started like beating the crap out of each other, it was amazing!
Mercedes: It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

BleedingMetal: Still being at a young age, what would you say are some disadvantages to being on the road a lot and being away from home?
Mercedes: Being on the road until we're all 18, which is pretty soon, we have to have our parents with us.
Fallon: So...
Mercedes: So it's law.

BleedingMetal: What advice would you give to young females aspiring to be in a band?
Merecedes: Try really hard, you know, like work at it.
Fallon: Don't take shit from anybody. Because people will try, to tell you, to bring you down. But don't take it.

BleedingMetal: What plans do you have for the next album, if any yet?
Mercedes: We're planning to go the route that people don't expect us to go, which is you know, the recent trend in bands is that you come out with one heavy album and then you go all light and like radio friendly, so we decided you know, "Screw that!" we're going to go the exact opposite so we're going heavier.

BleedingMetal: What is your next single going to be, and when can we expect to see a video for it?
Mercedes: The next single is going to be Charlotte, and we haven't shot the video yet but we're going to shoot it pretty soon. We're just picking a producer for it now.

BleedingMetal: How do you feel knowing you're role models for so many people, and many of them girls?
Mercedes: It's pretty cool, you know, I don't want people to like try and be exactly like us, because then you're not being true to yourself.
Fallon: It's a big responsibility.
Mercedes: But I mean it's cool you know, like people say "Yeah they inspired me to do this or that".

BleedingMetal: Do you think you have to be more careful with what you do, while the media is looking at you, because of that?
Mercedes: Probably, yeah.
Fallon: Because a lot of people will look up to you, and try to emulate themselves after you, which could be a danger because we're not perfect... and if we do something wrong, they might think it's right.

BleedingMetal: What female inspirations did you have while growing up and currently?
Mercedes: I really don't listen to a lot of female oriented music.
Fallon: Neither do I.
Mercedes: Yeah none of us do.

BleedingMetal: Since Kittie has become more popular, would you say people treat you different in any way?
Mercedes: Some people at home, you know, have been kind of assholes. But the majority of people... you find out who your real friends are. The majority of the people that I've been friends with have stayed true to us.

BleedingMetal: Have you found that a lot of people have tried to be your friends just because you're more popular?
Fallon: I haven't experienced that at all.
Mercedes: I haven't either.

BleedingMetal: How do you feel about being on Ozzfest this coming summer?
Fallon: Pantera!
Mercedes: I think it's going to be amazing, I can't wait to see Pantera and Ministy.

BleedingMetal: How did you get on the tour?
Mercedes: Sharon Osbourne actually called my house and asked for a press package, so we sent her one. And the a couple months later she said, "Do you guys want to be on Ozzfest?". And we were like, "Yeah!"
Fallon: Yeah.

BleedingMetal: Being individuals and coming from different perspectives, would you say the different layers of thoughts and ideas make Kittie more versatile?
Fallon: Definately, yeah.
Mercedes: Definately.

BleedingMetal: Any final words?
Fallon: Yaaay! I gotta pee! That's a final word.
Mercedes: I'm tired, that's my final word.