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>Coal Chamber
Having their high, and low points in the music industry, this band surely have been having a good time filled with lots of shows these past few years. The band has had some big exposure on National TV and on local radio stations all over North America.

This hardcore goth band have realy blown up this past year. Touring with such bands as Static-X and Slipknot, they have really had some exposure at a lot of sold out shows. Blending a variety of music genres into one sound that is so unique to the band, you can't miss their sound.

>Fear Factory
With their first release being more of a death metal album, and over the years coming out with more techno/hardcore sounds, the band has really matured with the music. The band has had global success touring all over Europe in late 1999 and early 2000. Their band history goes back a long way, however they remain quite popular today.

>Machine Head
Machine Head is a very versatile band. They have brought so many new elements to their music over the years, and that is what keeps them so unique. Their sound is like no other. Machine Head hit it big with their latest release The Burning Red.

Metallica have been around for a long time, but they still remain true to their metal roots. The band have been successful all over the globe, and with the debut of S&M(San Francisco Symphony & Metallica), the band have gained even more fame and more fans.

One of the most recent bands to bring a new style of music to the mainstream level is Orgy. Hitting it big with their cover ofBlue Monday, the band gained instant success playing on the Family Values Tour. The band's first CD was such a big success, and went Double Platinum. Orgy have one of the most original styles in music, and wardrobe!

>Scratching Post
A local band from Ontario, Scratching Post played in Toronto's street festival debuting their latest release Destruction of the Universe. The band has played countless numbers of shows throughout Canada and the US. Scratching Post are leading the way with a new style of music.

Sepultura are one of the original metal bands of the genre. When Max decided to leave it left the band with a dificult decision to make. However for fans everywhere the band continues to dish out some of the hardcore sound they love so much.

Sevendust, formerly known as Crawlspace, have taken the country by storm with their latest release Home. The band's first release, self-titeld, was the record that started it off for the band. Their hard riffs, could send chills down your spine, and the vocals are like no other out there.

Slipknot are probably the biggest break-through band since Korn. Having such a hard sound mixed with rap style vocals, the band is taking charge of the metal industry and hardcore sound. Stepping up to the next level of new age metal is Slipknot.

With the former singer of Sepultura leading the way for this hot new band, they were sure to draw a crowd. Having their first release being such a huge hit, the band has some big shoes to fill when they go back into the studios to record their next album.

Hitting it big touring with Fear Factory in early 1999, the band started off what they call Evil-Disco. The band's sound is the most unique to hit MTV in a long time. With their insane guitar riffs, pulsating drums, and rockin' vocals, the band is sure to become a very popular band in the near future.

>System of a Down
System of a Down are a fairly new band, with a great new style of music. Touring with Limp Bizkit in '99/2000 the band got some big exposure. The band's first release went triple platinum, and surely to follow is a second release just as good as the first.

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